Mother Nature…You’re One Sly Mama

Were you like me…mesmerized by the Weather Channel for the first time in your life last weekend? Consumed…watching this massive, spiraling red, green and yellow blob as it slowly inched its way through the Caribbean and then slid up Cuba before ransacking Florida and creating havoc for millions of Americans across the Southeast? Family andContinue reading “Mother Nature…You’re One Sly Mama”

The Sun is Human Too…

I woke up this morning, semi-excited about the solar eclipse, and did what all good Boy Scouts do…I found the instructions to make an eclipse viewer. I got an empty shoe box, grabbed some aluminum foil, white paper, tape, scissors, and a thumbtack. I finished my duct-taped-together project, and an enthusiastic me went outside toContinue reading “The Sun is Human Too…”

Be the change.

The thought, “hell yes, one person can change the world!” passed through my mind recently. That’s big progress, considering the mega-trillion random thoughts that this girl gets to deal with on a daily basis. So friend…some thoughts about that thought: A smile, a hug, a handshake, soft eyes, connection, honest communication…truly, it’s small AND it’s whatContinue reading “Be the change.”

Be a Connection Activist.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr. I feel hopeful…a part of me is afraid to admit that…maybe I’m crazy. In a time where so many terrible and challenging things are illuminated in the media, how can I feel hopeful? One reason is that I am acutely aware thatContinue reading “Be a Connection Activist.”