Lessons from the Dark Swamp.

Last week my blog was a series of “What if(s)…”  Afterward, a few readers asked me to discuss the specific “if(s)”, of which I’m happy to do so. The “if” I’m starting with is, “What if you embraced the awareness, that on the other side of the Dark Swamp, is something more beautiful than yourContinue reading “Lessons from the Dark Swamp.”

The Sun is Human Too…

I woke up this morning, semi-excited about the solar eclipse, and did what all good Boy Scouts do…I found the instructions to make an eclipse viewer. I got an empty shoe box, grabbed some aluminum foil, white paper, tape, scissors, and a thumbtack. I finished my duct-taped-together project, and an enthusiastic me went outside toContinue reading “The Sun is Human Too…”