Taking a Trip…

I got home last night from a quick and fabulous birthday trip to some of the most amazing and beautiful places in the western United States. I know…I’m a lucky girl (for real)! I love seeing new places. I really dislike the “traveling to new places” part of traveling, have high car anxiety, and usuallyContinue reading “Taking a Trip…”

We Seek Connection…Yet We Fear Connection

I’m still confused. It’s been almost a week since the mass shooting in Orlando. 49 people were gunned down and many others were severely wounded and are still hospitalized. I know there is a lot of anger and you might be experiencing that emotion yourself. Everyone in that nightclub will be dealing with his orContinue reading “We Seek Connection…Yet We Fear Connection”

The Good and Not so Good of “Judgment”

Who am I to Judge? What gives me the “right” to judge others? Do I judge others more harshly than I judge myself? I would guess that the more harshly I judge others is a great indication of how harshly I judge myself. When I looked up the word “judgment” in dictionary.com, it was niceContinue reading “The Good and Not so Good of “Judgment””