The Importance of Finding Balance

I had what Oprah would call, a “lightbulb moment” this week.  Actually, that phrase doesn’t do it justice.  A sledgehammer?  I’m not sure.  What I do know is that I discovered something that I’m hoping will create what I constantly speak about, more peace and balance in my life. My discovery happened when I wasContinue reading “The Importance of Finding Balance”

Steps for Creating Balance and Reducing Dis-Ease.

It seems that almost everyone, including myself, struggles with maintaining or even creating balance. Achieving life balance is one of the biggest challenges for almost all of my clients (okay…all), for many of my friends, and I’m guessing (I’m willing to bet) even you. This seems like such an easy topic; yet how come maintaining balanceContinue reading “Steps for Creating Balance and Reducing Dis-Ease.”