Individual Holistic Coaching

Holistic coaching sessions are available to offer a unique perspective on areas where you might be feeling some emotional, relational, or other personal challenge. Many clients utilize these sessions for continued personal growth and an ability to shine a spotlight on areas where they would like more peace of mind and individual freedom. These sessions allow you the ability to integrate your unique life experiences and perspective toward finding better wellness, happiness, and connections with others.

My intention during these sessions is to help you find and trust your own intuition, strength and wisdom that you might have denied due to your individual suffering and challenges. By helping you illuminate these sometimes-discounted qualities, we will find the purpose for and integrate your suffering, ultimately empowering you to move into new areas of peace, happiness and freedom.


Specific areas where many clients request coaching:

  • Relationship Challenges
  • Life Transitions
  • Wellness Issues
  • Addiction
  • Grief
  • Resolving Unconscious Childhood Repetitive Patterns
  • Identifying Unconscious Reactive Behavior
  • Personal Empowerment

The cost for individual coaching is $150 per session, $425 for 3 sessions, or $800 for 6 Sessions. Each session runs approximately one hour.

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