We Seek Connection…Yet We Fear Connection

I’m still confused. It’s been almost a week since the mass shooting in Orlando. 49 people were gunned down and many others were severely wounded and are still hospitalized. I know there is a lot of anger and you might be experiencing that emotion yourself. Everyone in that nightclub will be dealing with his orContinue reading “We Seek Connection…Yet We Fear Connection”

Wherever You Are, Be There

Today I find myself in my Arizona hometown to provide some care for my 84-year-old father. It was an unplanned trip and started with a phone call that he was hospitalized at the VA. The decision was obvious…I canceled some work, packed up a few things and hopped in my car to drive the 400Continue reading “Wherever You Are, Be There”

The Suffocating Effects of Perfectionism.

Since the first two syllables in the word perfectionism are “perfect,” that must mean that perfectionism is a good or even a great thing…something that we should all be striving for…right? Uhhh, unfortunately, that is wrong. Perfectionism is a very unhealthy “ism” that takes us away from enjoying each moment because we are hyper-vigilant inContinue reading “The Suffocating Effects of Perfectionism.”

5 Things that Will Keep you from Pursuing your Passion.

What gets in the way of pursuing our passion? How do we even know what our passion or dream is? I remember as a little girl I said that I wanted to be a counselor for abused children. How did I even think that as a child? Was that intuition that I didn’t question or was itContinue reading “5 Things that Will Keep you from Pursuing your Passion.”

The Challenge of Giving Yourself a Break.

Do you ever hear people say, “Lighten up…don’t take yourself so seriously…”? When I hear people say these things to me I think two things: First I think (react with), “What the hell are you talking about? I am the most lightened up person I know! I love to joke, play, and chill!” The secondContinue reading “The Challenge of Giving Yourself a Break.”

Expectations — the Subtle Setup

I’ll let you in on a little secret: If I have resentment toward someone or I am feeling depressed about some past thing or event, I have an unmet expectation. The subtle setup of an expectation can hit me like a left jab before I even knew it was there. What is an expectation anyway?Continue reading “Expectations — the Subtle Setup”

Acceptance is Crucial for True Forgiveness.

Last week, I published my first blog about “Judgment” and opened the door for future topic suggestions. Of the different ideas that I received back, “forgiveness” came up. This is an excellent topic, as I believe the benefits of finding a place of true forgiveness is a place of peace and freedom. As always, theseContinue reading “Acceptance is Crucial for True Forgiveness.”

The Good and Not so Good of “Judgment”

Who am I to Judge? What gives me the “right” to judge others? Do I judge others more harshly than I judge myself? I would guess that the more harshly I judge others is a great indication of how harshly I judge myself. When I looked up the word “judgment” in dictionary.com, it was niceContinue reading “The Good and Not so Good of “Judgment””