Four Steps to Becoming Your Own Wizard.

“If you change anything today, what would it be?” If you had a magic wand, what is the one thing that you would wish for? Or asked another way, if you could change one thing today, what would you change? This is a common type of question, known as “the miracle question,” that is used inContinue reading “Four Steps to Becoming Your Own Wizard.”

Acceptance Does Not Mean Approval

Things happen that we don’t like…it’s just a fact of life. How we adapt to those negative things can make all the difference in the world to how much serenity and peace we walk around with. I’ve never met a person that just plain wants to be unhappy, but I have met many people whoContinue reading “Acceptance Does Not Mean Approval”

Elephants are Cute…But Pink Elephants Suck

“There’s a pink elephant in the room.” We’ve all heard that phase, right? What is a pink elephant and how did it become the spokes-animal for poor communication or things that people are avoiding? If you’re looking for those answers, I doubt I’ll be able to provide them. But if you’re looking for some thoughtsContinue reading “Elephants are Cute…But Pink Elephants Suck”

Be the change.

The thought, “hell yes, one person can change the world!” passed through my mind recently. That’s big progress, considering the mega-trillion random thoughts that this girl gets to deal with on a daily basis. So friend…some thoughts about that thought: A smile, a hug, a handshake, soft eyes, connection, honest communication…truly, it’s small AND it’s whatContinue reading “Be the change.”

Perseverance…Fighting or Flowing?

I love turtles…I pretty much love most animals, but turtles and dogs are my favorites. I believe turtles are a perfect representation of the human spirit…the part of us that wants to be exposed…our peaceful inner self. Now, I am not an expert on all things turtle; I just know that I feel peace andContinue reading “Perseverance…Fighting or Flowing?”

Be a Connection Activist.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr. I feel hopeful…a part of me is afraid to admit that…maybe I’m crazy. In a time where so many terrible and challenging things are illuminated in the media, how can I feel hopeful? One reason is that I am acutely aware thatContinue reading “Be a Connection Activist.”

Hummingbirds Hit Walls Too.

A few days ago I had an experience that blew my mind and has created some personal metaphoric meanings that I’d like to share with you. Here we go…I was sitting in the backyard with my girlfriend discussing some tough challenges that she is currently experiencing. She was sad and I was listening and providingContinue reading “Hummingbirds Hit Walls Too.”

Steps for Creating Balance and Reducing Dis-Ease.

It seems that almost everyone, including myself, struggles with maintaining or even creating balance. Achieving life balance is one of the biggest challenges for almost all of my clients (okay…all), for many of my friends, and I’m guessing (I’m willing to bet) even you. This seems like such an easy topic; yet how come maintaining balanceContinue reading “Steps for Creating Balance and Reducing Dis-Ease.”