Coping with Anxiety.

I’m bummed. Paco took his last road trip yesterday.  For those of you who haven’t read my blog before, Paco is my amazing dog…my best bud…my big-hearted warrior…my co-pilot…you know, woman’s best friend. Now don’t panic, Paco’s fine.  It’s just that the last couple of years, I’ve watched him get more anxious in my car. Continue reading “Coping with Anxiety.”

Just Do Something.

A few weeks ago, I was listening to Oprah interview Sister Joan Chittister.  Oprah asked (and I’m paraphrasing here) how people could start to make change happen and Sister Chittister responded, “Do something.”  I like that.  A simple, yet complete response, just “do something.” So today, on Christmas, I thought I’d release a short blogContinue reading “Just Do Something.”

Fearful Mind or Warrior Heart?

Do you have a hard time silencing your mind? Do you have thoughts that seemingly come from nowhere and control you and keep you anxious and worried?  Are you, like me, looking for more peace in your mind? There are some people who have the “your thoughts are not your reality” thing all figured out. Continue reading “Fearful Mind or Warrior Heart?”

Letting go of Guilt…

“it’s possible to journey to this moment and forgive your past self.” A few days ago, I spoke to some women who are reclaiming their lives by taking courageous steps to overcome a past that includes either addiction, treatment programs, incarceration, domestic abuse, or a variety of these challenges.  I feel blessed to be invitedContinue reading “Letting go of Guilt…”

Everyone has an Opinion…

I’m currently traveling on a plane, sitting in the middle seat between two people I don’t know. I have, of course, formed an opinion about them, but I don’t really “know” them.  That’s what we do, right? We make judgments and form opinions.  It comes naturally, but those opinions say more about me than theyContinue reading “Everyone has an Opinion…”

Lessons from the Dark Swamp.

Last week my blog was a series of “What if(s)…”  Afterward, a few readers asked me to discuss the specific “if(s)”, of which I’m happy to do so. The “if” I’m starting with is, “What if you embraced the awareness, that on the other side of the Dark Swamp, is something more beautiful than yourContinue reading “Lessons from the Dark Swamp.”

What if…

We Believed that the answers we seek are within us…every single one of them? We Listened to and respected our feelings as our purest truth? We Realized that every inch of life…every moment, every celebration, and every heartbreak, has a higher purpose? We Let Go of believing that other people’s opinion of us, good orContinue reading “What if…”

The Art of Saying “No”

How good are you at saying “no” when you need to? Do you often say “yes” to please others and then feel overwhelmed and get resentful? If this sounds like something you do, you could be falling prey to giving yourself away to meet other people’s expectations. Instead of saying “no,” you would rather sacrifice yourselfContinue reading “The Art of Saying “No””