Calm in the Midst of Chaos (Seven Points to “Pushing Your Edge”)

Guess what? I went white water rafting.  Again.  Last year, it was an 8-day white water rafting trip down the Grand Canyon.  This year a 4-day trip to Canyonlands, Utah.  Somehow, I think I’m an adventurous thrill seeker.  And then I get out there, thrill seeking, and remember that I’m not. I know what you’reContinue reading “Calm in the Midst of Chaos (Seven Points to “Pushing Your Edge”)”

Acceptance – The Final Frontier

I know what you’re thinking, “Hasn’t Karen written something else about acceptance?”  Yes.  I have.  Your next question, “Why should I read another blog about the same topic?”  Well, because this one is different and you’re looking for freedom and peace (again, I know you🙂). This blog just might help you understand the key to gettingContinue reading “Acceptance – The Final Frontier”

Are You a “Fixer?”

The conversation typically goes something like this, “Karen, my friend has an alcoholic boyfriend.  She’s unhappy and I think she needs to get out of the relationship.  He’s no good for her.  Will you work with her?” Then I have an honest conversation with the person who called.  Although her friend’s situation is tough, she’sContinue reading “Are You a “Fixer?””

Finding Presence…Simple, Yet Complex

These thoughts kept me awake last night, which was interesting as they took me away from restful sleep.  I couldn’t be present with my sleep and every time I would start to drift off, I was pulled back into thinking about presence…which I was obviously struggling with. Presence. Being here. Experiencing this moment. Being inContinue reading “Finding Presence…Simple, Yet Complex”

Clickbait…Cut the Crap

Let’s start with an analogy. You’re standing in the grocery store checkout line.  You’re bored and impatient and just want to move through the line.  So, you deflect from your discomfort and start to look around.  What do you see?  Magazines with huge, bold, dramatic headlines…typically a headline about a famous person in some formContinue reading “Clickbait…Cut the Crap”

Mental Illness is Not Black & White

How do you feel when you hear the term, Mental Illness? Are you so far removed from it that it doesn’t affect you and you don’t relate to those who have been clinically diagnosed with a mental illness?  Or do you jump into Google and the DSM-5 and diagnose yourself with mental illness?  Do youContinue reading “Mental Illness is Not Black & White”

Stop Giving Your Power Away

Does anyone have the power to control yours?  How about when you get mad and say, “He makes me so mad!”  Does “he” really make you mad? No… no one “makes you” mad. It’s true that no one, except for yourself, has the power “make you” any feeling:  Happy, sad, angry, elated…I can’t think ofContinue reading “Stop Giving Your Power Away”