Dear Frustrated Human,

Let’s start with disclaimers:  White, Female, Blonde, Gay, Veteran, Middle Class, 50-something, Alive. Now let’s get into the reason for this letter: I know you’re frustrated.  COVID has got you down.  You’re being told what to do.  You’re living in a world where you just can’t be yourself.  Can’t express yourself fully.  Can’t just goContinue reading “Dear Frustrated Human,”

The Blame Game…

Blame.  “I’m (uncomfortable/mad/hurt/not happy) and it’s your fault.”  That means that I’m not taking ownership of myself and my life experiences.  I have given that power to you.  I have disempowered myself and have made you the reason for my anger and unhappiness. Isn’t that sometimes what we do?  Fall into the blame game…making othersContinue reading “The Blame Game…”

Setting Boundaries or Building Walls

Relationships take work.  Not only familial or romantic relationships, friends, co-workers, your neighbors, and more…there are many people you are in relationship with. Setting boundaries are a necessary and a very healthy part of mutually beneficial and respectful relationships.  Letting people know what you will and won’t permit in your relationships, gives them clear communicationContinue reading “Setting Boundaries or Building Walls”

Intersectionality…The Bigger Picture

It starts with an email, asking me if I’ll come speak to Gender/Sexuality Alliance teenage students in a local high school, for me to share my experience with them as a gay woman.  It’s always a Yes.  I feel it’s important to share my personal experience with self-betrayal and societal-rejection, and my journey now backContinue reading “Intersectionality…The Bigger Picture”

How Does Self-Awareness Affect Your Posting?

You’re sitting on your couch.  Lonely.  Bored.  Don’t want to talk to anyone in your house.  They’re looking at their phones too.  You’re feeling down.  “Let me post something,” your mind says to no one but itself.  Super-happy selfie taken.  “Hey, everyone that’s important to me…here’s what I’m doing right now!” I’m sitting on myContinue reading “How Does Self-Awareness Affect Your Posting?”

Freedom is Priceless

I know the exact moment when I understood the priceless value of freedom.  It was 2004 and I was on an aircraft carrier, on my final Navy deployment.  We were somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I felt captive.  I couldn’t go home, I couldn’t hug my loved ones, I couldn’t drive myContinue reading “Freedom is Priceless”