Yes…Even in 2018

In my efforts to follow the Universe’s guidance, this week I spoke to a group of Gender/Sexuality Alliance (GSA) students at a local high school this.  It meant a lot to me, and it’s a tiny one step forward in a journey of a thousand miles. The students?  Awesome, amazing, smart and kind.  Their questions?Continue reading “Yes…Even in 2018”

Finding the Gift when You’ve Been Discriminated Against…

I’ll bet you’re thinking, “What the heck!  There is no possible way to find any gifts in discrimination…Karen is truly losing her mind.  How sad for her.”  Hey, I appreciate your concern…it means a lot to me! And you know how I am… I believe that there is always a light shining in the dark.  ThisContinue reading “Finding the Gift when You’ve Been Discriminated Against…”

Why Community Saves Lives…

A few weeks ago, I started reading the book, When We Rise. My Life in the Movement, by Cleve Jones. The first sentence in the Preface reads, “The movement saved my life.” Cleve (who was mentored by Harvey Milk) was 17.  It was 1971, and he was living in Arizona with his parents, and skippingContinue reading “Why Community Saves Lives…”

LGBTQ+ | Operation “End Suicides”

And then the Universe answered my questions, from many angles and in different ways.  The question was, “What do you need from me?”  Essentially, “Where can I best serve?” You would think that I have heard this response before but, in all honesty, I was in denial.  “How will I be received?  Who won’t readContinue reading “LGBTQ+ | Operation “End Suicides””

It’s an Inside Job

Earlier this week, I spent some time with a group of young women.  All are dwelling at their “bottom” and rebuilding their lives.  Their common theme, and I do mean all of them, was how much they “hated” themselves.  All were struggling finding their own intrinsic good and redeeming value.  All had a hard timeContinue reading “It’s an Inside Job”

You’re Not That…

Imagine being sentenced to death or life in prison.  Now imagine that you didn’t commit the crime you’re accused of, that you have dozens of witnesses that support your innocence, and they’re ignored and not allowed to testify.  Your reality is that you’re faced with a system that targets you, based on your race, socioeconomic classContinue reading “You’re Not That…”