Mother Nature…You’re One Sly Mama

Were you like me…mesmerized by the Weather Channel for the first time in your life last weekend? Consumed…watching this massive, spiraling red, green and yellow blob as it slowly inched its way through the Caribbean and then slid up Cuba before ransacking Florida and creating havoc for millions of Americans across the Southeast? Family andContinue reading “Mother Nature…You’re One Sly Mama”

How Much are You Worth?

What makes you worthy? Is it the color of your skin, how much money you have, who you love, where you were born or live, how much you weigh, or who you do or don’t call your “God?” Let’s raise the stakes…How about if you’re in prison or on parole, or a drug addict, orContinue reading “How Much are You Worth?”

Self-Doubt is a Mind Game

Do you ever experience self-doubt? It seems ridiculous to start by asking that question, but I went there anyway…you’re welcome. Expressing your creativity, this jumping in and putting-yourself-out-there, it’s scary stuff. For me it means removing my turtle shell (my vulnerability armor) and doing one last review before hitting the “Publish” button. At first IContinue reading “Self-Doubt is a Mind Game”

Taking a Trip…

I got home last night from a quick and fabulous birthday trip to some of the most amazing and beautiful places in the western United States. I know…I’m a lucky girl (for real)! I love seeing new places. I really dislike the “traveling to new places” part of traveling, have high car anxiety, and usuallyContinue reading “Taking a Trip…”

The Sun is Human Too…

I woke up this morning, semi-excited about the solar eclipse, and did what all good Boy Scouts do…I found the instructions to make an eclipse viewer. I got an empty shoe box, grabbed some aluminum foil, white paper, tape, scissors, and a thumbtack. I finished my duct-taped-together project, and an enthusiastic me went outside toContinue reading “The Sun is Human Too…”

Objectification of Women…The Trauma Spiral

Yesterday was a tough day. I felt irritable and edgy…a fogginess, which let me know something deeper than I wanted to feel had been triggered. I let it be and knew that it would reveal itself when the time was right. I woke this morning realizing that some of that deeper stuff was that IContinue reading “Objectification of Women…The Trauma Spiral”

Connecting to your Heartbeat.

I don’t gamble, but if I was a betting woman, I’d feel pretty confident betting that you seek a world that is more peaceful, unified, loving, kind and compassionate. I do too…I’m on a quest, per se, and one of the ways that I’m finding a more peaceful world is by becoming more peace-full. In psychologyContinue reading “Connecting to your Heartbeat.”

Four Steps to Becoming Your Own Wizard.

“If you change anything today, what would it be?” If you had a magic wand, what is the one thing that you would wish for? Or asked another way, if you could change one thing today, what would you change? This is a common type of question, known as “the miracle question,” that is used inContinue reading “Four Steps to Becoming Your Own Wizard.”