Depression… A Journey Inward

Pssst…hey friend, have any thoughts on depression?  I’ll bet you don’t like it.  I’ll also take a guess and say it’s not a lot of fun to be around someone who is in a deep state of depression.  You get depressed about their depression…you want them to feel better, happier, more joy again and beingContinue reading “Depression… A Journey Inward”

Coping with Anxiety.

I’m bummed. Paco took his last road trip yesterday.  For those of you who haven’t read my blog before, Paco is my amazing dog…my best bud…my big-hearted warrior…my co-pilot…you know, woman’s best friend. Now don’t panic, Paco’s fine.  It’s just that the last couple of years, I’ve watched him get more anxious in my car. Continue reading “Coping with Anxiety.”

Just Do Something.

A few weeks ago, I was listening to Oprah interview Sister Joan Chittister.  Oprah asked (and I’m paraphrasing here) how people could start to make change happen and Sister Chittister responded, “Do something.”  I like that.  A simple, yet complete response, just “do something.” So today, on Christmas, I thought I’d release a short blogContinue reading “Just Do Something.”

Fearful Mind or Warrior Heart?

Do you have a hard time silencing your mind? Do you have thoughts that seemingly come from nowhere and control you and keep you anxious and worried?  Are you, like me, looking for more peace in your mind? There are some people who have the “your thoughts are not your reality” thing all figured out. Continue reading “Fearful Mind or Warrior Heart?”

What’s Her Problem?

It’s another tough conversation today, my friend. This one’s about inappropriate sexual behavior and language, much of which has been all over the media lately. I’m sharing from my own experience and perspective, and I am not looking to blame or shame either side.  Do I have a solution toward making it better?  Well, IContinue reading “What’s Her Problem?”

Tough Conversations…Talk About “It”

“With communication, you bond; without it, you separate.” Karen Solt Having relationship problems?  Having trouble honestly discussing them with your partner?  That would not be unusual.  Here’s the deal:  if you don’t feel safe and valued in your relationship, you can’t communicate your true feelings; so, you don’t have an honest relationship…yet. This dishonest, non-communicative relationshipContinue reading “Tough Conversations…Talk About “It””

Narcissism is no Joking Matter.

“Many of our problems stem from attitudes like putting ourselves first at all costs.” — The Dalai Lama Yep, narcissism.  We have all encountered someone who is so over-the-top arrogant that we label them “a narcissist.”  But Narcissistic Personality Disorder is not something that we take should lightly or “sideline-diagnose” people with. A true narcissistContinue reading “Narcissism is no Joking Matter.”