Mental Illness is Not Black & White

How do you feel when you hear the term, Mental Illness? Are you so far removed from it that it doesn’t affect you and you don’t relate to those who have been clinically diagnosed with a mental illness?  Or do you jump into Google and the DSM-5 and diagnose yourself with mental illness?  Do youContinue reading “Mental Illness is Not Black & White”

Stop Giving Your Power Away

Does anyone have the power to control yours?  How about when you get mad and say, “He makes me so mad!”  Does “he” really make you mad? No… no one “makes you” mad. It’s true that no one, except for yourself, has the power “make you” any feeling:  Happy, sad, angry, elated…I can’t think ofContinue reading “Stop Giving Your Power Away”

The Importance of Finding Balance

I had what Oprah would call, a “lightbulb moment” this week.  Actually, that phrase doesn’t do it justice.  A sledgehammer?  I’m not sure.  What I do know is that I discovered something that I’m hoping will create what I constantly speak about, more peace and balance in my life. My discovery happened when I wasContinue reading “The Importance of Finding Balance”

The Importance of Self-Talk

You’re in luck…this week’s blog is going to be short.  That’s enough celebrating…I didn’t know you’d be this happy.  I must suck at this blogging stuff or you wouldn’t be happy that my blog is short.  If I was good at this, you would want to hear more from me.  Wow, I’m a loser andContinue reading “The Importance of Self-Talk”

What Stops You?

We’re going to spend some time today by getting curious. What gets in your way of going toward your passion? In other words, what stops you from stepping into being more of your true self?  What typically scares you and makes you want to give up? Does it seem like you frequently fall just shortContinue reading “What Stops You?”

The Drama Triangle…

Today we’re discussing my interpretation of the relationship triangle, or what is lovingly referred to as the “Drama Triangle.”  By gaining some awareness of these roles that we play out all (to some extent), this can have a positive effect on creating healthier relationships.  If you want that, read on… The Rescuer, Victim, and PersecutorContinue reading “The Drama Triangle…”

Catastrophic Thinking…

Does your thinking mind sometimes take you to worst case scenarios?  Why does it focus on tragedy, without evidence that tragedy is occurring? Does three days of headaches mean you have a brain tumor? Does your daughter not answering her phone or text messages signify she’s been in a car accident? Does an email thatContinue reading “Catastrophic Thinking…”