5 Things that Will Keep you from Pursuing your Passion.

What gets in the way of pursuing our passion? How do we even know what our passion or dream is? I remember as a little girl I said that I wanted to be a counselor for abused children. How did I even think that as a child? Was that intuition that I didn’t question or was itContinue reading “5 Things that Will Keep you from Pursuing your Passion.”

The Challenge of Giving Yourself a Break.

Do you ever hear people say, “Lighten up…don’t take yourself so seriously…”? When I hear people say these things to me I think two things: First I think (react with), “What the hell are you talking about? I am the most lightened up person I know! I love to joke, play, and chill!” The secondContinue reading “The Challenge of Giving Yourself a Break.”

External Validation and Finding your Beacon

I have to admit…I’m feeling a little hurt this morning. That’s hard for me to write as there is a part of me that doesn’t like to express when I’m in pain. You see…here’s my current truth…when I started this blogging thing and expressing my ideas, I had an expectation that some of my friends wouldContinue reading “External Validation and Finding your Beacon”

Expectations — the Subtle Setup

I’ll let you in on a little secret: If I have resentment toward someone or I am feeling depressed about some past thing or event, I have an unmet expectation. The subtle setup of an expectation can hit me like a left jab before I even knew it was there. What is an expectation anyway?Continue reading “Expectations — the Subtle Setup”

Acceptance is Crucial for True Forgiveness.

Last week, I published my first blog about “Judgment” and opened the door for future topic suggestions. Of the different ideas that I received back, “forgiveness” came up. This is an excellent topic, as I believe the benefits of finding a place of true forgiveness is a place of peace and freedom. As always, theseContinue reading “Acceptance is Crucial for True Forgiveness.”

The Good and Not so Good of “Judgment”

Who am I to Judge? What gives me the “right” to judge others? Do I judge others more harshly than I judge myself? I would guess that the more harshly I judge others is a great indication of how harshly I judge myself. When I looked up the word “judgment” in dictionary.com, it was niceContinue reading “The Good and Not so Good of “Judgment””